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Energy-saving two-component VHS clearcoat

KLAR 545-00

  • very short curing time - 15 min. only

  • reduced curing temperature to 40°C

  • reduction of spray booth annual costs by 52%.

  • very high paint efficiency - VHS class

  • can be used for both minor and complete repairs

  • easy and convenient application

  • ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles repair

  • very high gloss

Technical Datasheet

Isolating anti-corrosion epoxy primer

UNDER 385-00

  • excellent anti-corrosive and insulating properties

  • polyester putty application is possible after only 30 min/20°C

  • olive green colour for original OEM appearance

  • no sanding is necessary up to 12h/20°C

  • excellent flowability - can be used wet-on-wet under decorative layers

  • excellent adhesion to most plastics with PLAST 825 additive

  • can be applied to original cathaphoretic coated parts

Technical datasheet

Aspartic filler


  • reduced curing time by up to 70% compared to conventional primers

  • sanding is possible after only 20 minutes without curing

  • 50% faster application - evaporation time between coats 0-5 minutes

  • application is possible from as low as 10°C

  • smooth surface

  • very high performance - reduced primer consumption

Technical datasheet

High build AIR DRY filler

UNDER 375-00

  • Saves energy used to accelerate the curing time of traditional primers

  • Short time to sand (60-90min/20°C) depending on the number of layers (1÷3)

  • Suitable for curing at low temperatures (from 5°C)

  • High build acrylic filler

  • Possibility of spraying very thick layers

  • Original elements with cathaphoresis coating can be coated without sanding

  • Excellent dry machine sanding

  • Perfect for filling relatively big scratches and irregularities of the surface

  • Spectral grey system

Technical datasheet

Basecoat system

WAVE 2.0

  • one of the fastest water-borne basecoat systems on the market

  • convenient component packaging that only needs to be shaken before use

  • tens of thousands of colours from ready-to-use formulas

  • offered in a compact, heated rack

  • rull system description

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